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Art Print: The Children Called Us Tricksters

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This digitally illustrated,  11 x 17 print tells a story of brotherhood, tragedy, and justice. This print was part of a Halloween 2020 set, featuring an Indigenous vampire turned vigilante. The print comes in either holographic or shimmer paper, and each print will also come with the typed story below (printed separately). The holographic paper reflects rainbow fragments of light, and pearl shimmer paper looks like metal with small pieces of glitter.

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"The Children Called Us Tricksters" by Kaylene J. Big Knife

Story: Having met under some dire conditions – as in both being chained and left for dead in a church's basement – a European vampire named Jack and a young Cree man called Vincent became fast friends. To escape their prison and overcome the church-led Indian boarding school, Jack turned Vincent into a vampire, and together, they overtook the church and boarding school. That day, the Indian children were set free from the ungodly and atrocious cruelties inflicted upon them by the priests, nuns, and other officials. This fateful meeting between a vampire and a boarding school survivor served as a rebirth for Vincent as he bore witness to his newfound power and purpose. Jack volunteered to stay by Vincent's side as revenge against the church for nearly killing him. Besides, Jack needed to figure out how to get back home across the ocean.

To amuse themselves, Jack would pretend to be a visiting teacher. He brilliantly paraded Vincent around at boarding schools as a savage-turned-noble with perfect diction, looks, and etiquette. As soon as Jack and Vincent met the head officials, they attacked and set fire to the boarding school with precision and force. Each time, Vincent and Jack safely evacuated all the children into the nearby fields as they were about to begin their trek homeward. Although most of the children were from different Indigenous tribes, Vincent took on a big brother role and comforted and protected them. "Trickster," they'd call him and Jack. Before each raid, Vincent carefully removed his pink conch shell earrings his mother gave him before he left for boarding school. He did not want to get blood on them. In a way, the earrings served as a small semblance and celebration of his humanity and his people. As each raid came to an end, the last of the boarding schools' embers floated up into the night sky. No one could tell them apart from the fireflies.

If anyone tried to prevent the children from returning to their families, Vincent and Jack would not hesitate to attack them. Always remaining on the horizon line, the two guardians would make sure every child made it home. Then, a new raid would begin.

Vincent never returned to his tribe, and many Plains tribes would come to speak of this mysterious young man, his friend, and their strange sharp teeth and eyes that glinted like fire. As time went on, no one ever knew what happened to the two. Some say Vincent got on a ship with his friend and left this land entirely. However, one thing is for certain, their presence proved to be as timeless and delightfully chaotic as that of a couple of tricksters.

The end.

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