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Art Prints: Indigenous Comic Con III Characters

$35.00 USD

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All four 11 x 17 prints were created for the marketing and promotion of Indigenous Comic Con III (2018), now known as IndigiPop X. These prints are all printed on holographic paper, so they reflect rainbow fragments of light. 

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The prints' titles go as follows:
"Blue Shell Hawk" - The Indigenous heroine protecting all nations with her signature blue shell earrings.
"Woodlands Wizard" - The Ojibwe wizard who befriends and relies on the help of woodlands spirits to keep everyone safe.
"New World Border Patrol" - In a post-apocalyptic world, tribal borders are guarded by brave, eccentric protectors.
"Space Ranger & the First Moon's Keeper" - The Earth's moon secretly homed a space eagle, and a space ranger enjoys her company as they are orbiting the planet Mars.

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